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My name is Oana Moore and I am a photographer residing in the Charlottesville area of Virginia. My photography is diverse covering a wide spectrum, from posed portraits to candids, landscapes, nature, horses and photo series. I am also a member of Charlottesville Photography Initiative, an organization that offers non-profit photography to charitable events in our local area.

Through my photography I like to capture the emotional connection between my subjects. Stories and feelings could be evoked through images and when my photographs generate a reaction from viewers I would like to think those certain photos I made were meant to be.

Sometimes only one image is not enough to tell a story, therefore I like to spend some of my time on photo series. A project close to my heart is the “Skates” series that was done in collaboration with photographer Rick Stillings and it took a year to be accomplished. “Skates” represents a juxtaposition between my past figure skating career with my current day to day life, whether real or slightly exaggerated.

The Skates project was exhibited at the Main Street Arena in Charlottesville.

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